Muto Orin: My 2017 Memories, Ice Cream Girl, and Hard Worker

2017 is the year when I finally met a girl whom I knew as Aisu-chan, Muto Orin.

Muto Orin is the little sister of Muto Tomu, my kami-oshi. She is a part of AKB48 16th generation who debuted on 8 December 2016. A few months before their debut, there were SHOWROOM broadcast for participants of AKB48 16th generation auditions.

At first, I did not pay attention to it because I did not have interest in catching up with new girls. For me, Tomu is the complete package I could find in the whole 48 group. Oh well, she might not be the best dancer or singer, but what I appreciate the most from her is that she is an intellectual girl who pursues higher educations and she always gives her best for AKB although the management barely acknowledges her hard work.

But, rumor has it. When the SHOWROOM started, there was a rumor that Muto Tomu’s younger sister participated in the audition. It would not be a rumor if this girl could reveal her name because Tomu’s family name is not a common name among Japanese. The participants were not allowed to reveal their name during the whole audition process. People basically trusted their instinct by looking at her facial features, gestures, voice, and…..color of bedroom (her bedroom’s color tone is kind of similar with Tomu). To be honest, she does not really look alike her older sister, but you can tell that they look alike each other if you look at them closely.

I did not watch this girl’s first SHOWROOM who later fans identified as “Aisu-chan” because she really loves ice cream. After finding out the rumor on twitter, I instantly checked her recorded-showroom on youtube. I was trying to figure out whether Aisu-chan is the little sister of Muto Tomu. Many fans kept sending her comments which said that she looks alike Muto Tomu to which she replied “Really? Thanks” or “Not at all”. She ignored every comment which insisted that she is the little sister of Muto Tomu. I guess she must do it in case she does not pass the audition.

After watching her first SHOWROOM, I have a strong belief that Aisu-chan is Tomu’s little sister. I was 99% sure because I could tell from her voice, the way she talks, and her gestures which perfectly resembles Tomu. From that day onwards, I started watching Aisu-chan’s SHOWROOM and never missed her SHOWROOM every day until it ends. I enjoyed watching her SHOWROOM very much because she often read my comments and she was simply lovely and pure.

But I have to be honest that the main reason why I watched Aisu-chan’s SHOWROOM was because of the rumor. I felt bad for her because I did not see her as herself but as Tomu’s sister.

When her debut day approached, she finally revealed her name as Muto Orin. The moment she announced her family name, I screamed inside me, “YES! We’re right guys!”. Orin did not say a thing that she is Tomu’s younger sister because she might not want to be under the spotlight just because she is a sister of sousenkyo’s top rank member. She simply wanted to be equal among her fellow generation. Nonetheless, Tomu confirmed that Orin is her sister during the Team K MC. That day also became the first day when Tomu posted a picture together with her little sister without any mosaic.

By the time goes by, Orin is growing on me. I watched her performances on theater and paid attention to her dance. I also tried my best not to miss her showroom which usually broadcasted on 6:10 AM JST which means it was 04:10 WIB (Jakarta Time) or 05:10 SGT (Singapore Time). I had a hard time to wake up in the morning but I often managed to watch her SHOWROOM. Thanks to Orin’s SHOWROOM, I also did not skip the morning prayer.

Orin’s dancing skill is quite impressive for a trainee’s level and her MC is also interesting, especially she often brings up the episodes between Tomu and her.

But when everyone asked me whether Orin is my oshimen, I denied it because I was not sure whether I supported her or not, whether I love her as Muto Orin or simply as Tomu’s sister.

Nonetheless, I changed my answer a few months later after I watched Orin’s SHOWROOM post sousenkyo preliminary result announcement.

Tomu withdrew from sousenkyo because she does not want to hurt her fans who fully support her. She believed that sousenkyou will not change everything. The management does not favor her, she is often being left out from the upcoming single senbatsu despite her high ranks on sousenkyo. She wants her fans to allocate their money and energy for other things.

Orin made it into the top 100 for sousenkyo preliminary rank. Not only made it into the top 100, she was 59th. It was only 6th month after she debuted but she could snatch such a high rank. Most people said that it was all because of Tomu. Negative sentiments toward her preliminary rank flooded her SHOWROOM’s comment section. She replied to the comments with teary eyes. She said that she fully understood that she could achieve such a high rank not because of her effort but mostly because of her sister.

I was thinking over this statement and I realized that Orin was not entirely true. Yes, she was right that being a little sister of Muto Tomu might have given her the privilege to be more famous than the rest of her friends. But, she was wrong when she thought that her efforts did not really contribute to her ranks. In my opinion, as someone who frequently watches her performances, I would say that her performance is way better than most of her friends (However, I have to admit that Yamauchi Mizuki is the top performer among her friends.) Not to mention, Orin is very nice to her fans at SHOWROOM. Before meeting Orin in person, I often read handshake reports from other fans, Orin seems to remember almost everyone’s name, particularly her lane’s frequent visitors. She even remembers their SHOWROOM account’s name. In other words, her high rank was not only because of her sister but also because of her hard work.

After watching her teary-eyed SHOWROOM, I assured myself that Orin is my 2nd oshimen. Of course, after Tomu, because Tomu will always be number 1. I was mesmerized by Orin’s answers toward the negative comments on her SHOWROOM. She is still a teenager yet she was calm and properly replied to the negative comments.

Finally, she successfully secured the 55th spot on the day of sousenkyo. Everyone was amazed by it, it was only 6 months! Orin thanked her fans and of course her sister. She kept saying that it was because of her sister that she could reach such a high rank. Hey kid, I would say it once again, you earned it because you worked hard for it. Your effort was rewarded.

In July 2017, I first met Orin on handshake event. I supposed to have only about 7 tickets with Orin but due to Tomu’s stage play I could not use Tomu’s tickets to Tomu , hence I allocated almost all of my Tomu’s tickets to Orin. So, I had 20 tickets in total with Orin. It was my very first time meeting with Orin and I was extremely nervous. I did not know what to talk about other than I come from Jakarta and I watched her SHOWROOM. She was surprised when I said that I come from Jakarta and she told me that I am cute. She also told me to join the JKT audition. LOL. THAT WAS EXTREMELY FUNNY AND I DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO SAY. It was my very first time being told “kawaii” from a “SUPER KAWAII” idol. Yes, Orin is much cuter in person than her photos or videos. When I told her my SHOWROOM’s account, she remembers me and thanked me for always watching her SHOWROOM. Thankfully Orin was easy to talk to and most of the time she was the one who started and carried on the conversation.

The next day when I met her once again, she remembered my name and even called my name when I came into her lane. Damn, I could not hide my happiness. Every time I remember those two memorable days with Orin, I could not stop grinning although I am in public.


In November, I met Orin once again but with fewer tickets. Yet, I was so lucky that I won 6 lotteries out of 8 tickets. Lol. I did not say much with Orin than I did in July because I was very tired by the time of Orin’s slots (I spent the entire day for Tomu). But it was also extremely fun. She was so surprised when she saw me coming in to her lane and greeted her. I asked her whether she remembers me or not, she replied that of course she remembers me.

For me, 2017 was such a great year. A memorable year when I met an amazing and lovely kid called Muto Orin. I hope she will be more successful in the upcoming years and will be the face of AKB48 in the future. I subscribe to her mobile mail and every time I read her mobile mail, I could feel her sincerity through her words, how she eagers to learn and practice more in order to deliver her very best for AKB48 and also to make everyone proud of 16th generation and her.

I am looking forward to meet her next year and hopefully she will still remember me 😀


6 thoughts on “Muto Orin: My 2017 Memories, Ice Cream Girl, and Hard Worker

  1. Great words said about two great members. This post made me teary eyed. I love these two as well. Curiously Orin got my attention after she became an trainee. It wasn’t until 16th gen’s Akbingo episodes I learned she was Muto Tomu’s sister. I was sold when she kicked the water bottle out of Paradise’s mouth at which she became my favorite 16th gen member. Both of them are amazing, so sweet so nice, so elegant, so mature, so beautiful. Like you said the entire package. I can only echo you amazing heartwarming words.

  2. awalnya saya tidak menyukai Tomu
    saya melihat showroom audisi generasi 16
    ntah kenapa seseorang mirip sekali dengan Tomu
    mengikutinya dari audisi hingga dia masuk team K bersama kakaknya sesuatu yang WOW
    dia tipe pekerja keras berbeda dengan yang lain
    saya sangat menyukai keahlian Karatenya, tetapi saya belum melihat keahlian dia bermain piano
    dia cantik walaupun usianya masih 17 tahun dia selalu sabar dan baik menanggapi org2 yang selalu mengomentarinya jelek.
    berkat Orin saya jadi mulai menyukai Tomu
    Karna Tomu selalu bersikap baik dan selalu berusa untuk Adiknya
    setiap mereka berdua di showroom saya tidak pernah ketinggalan.
    untuk senbatsu Sousenkyo 2018 nanti saya ingin menvote dia
    semoga next dia minimal di jajaran undergrils atau mungkin masuk senbatsu
    melihat perjuangan mereka patut diancungin 10 jempol “hehe”
    ingin rasanya melihat pertunjukan mereka di team K
    semoga ada kesempatan

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