BLACK 10: The Pride of Becoming Muto Tomu Oshi

Finally, I arrived home after spending two weeks in Japan. It is my graduation trip after finishing graduate school in RSIS, NTU, Singapore. As usual, my main agenda for my trip to Japan is AKB48 events. I applied for handshake event on the 16th and 17th to meet my Oshimen, Muto Tomu. Unfortunately, I could not meet her on the handshake event……

It was announced 1,5 months prior to handshake events that Tomu would be the cast of a stage play called Black 10-kai by Team ODAC. When I read the announcement I was extremely happy because I remember she declared on her seitansai that one of her goals for this year was becoming a cast of a stage play. It is one of her weakness that she wanted to challenge. Yet, when I realized the schedule of her stage play clashed with the handshake events which means I could not meet her on that day. Moreover, I believed I could not come to the replacement dates. As expected, the replacement date is in August and it will not be possible for me to come back to Japan few weeks after my other trip to Japan. It will cost me a lot.

I was extremely sad that I could not meet her properly but at the same time, I was very happy for her. At the bright side, I could come to the opening performance of her stage play. This stage play is such an important moment for Tomu and being able to watch it is a pleasure to me. It was my very first time coming to a stage play in Japan and if I remember correctly I have never been to any proper stage play in Indonesia, except school performances.


Standing Flower from Tomu’s fans


I was afraid that I would not understand any single thing when I watched the performance because of my poor Japanese skills. Voila! It was true. I could only understand about 10-20% of the dialogues (Yet, my Japanese friend who is also a Tomu oshi told me that it was also difficult for Japanese people to understand it because sometimes the casts used the old Japanese words that are rarely used. She told me that it would be easier to understand the plot of the story after watching it twice). It was also hard for me to understand the dialogue because most of the casts’ pronunciation was different than a normal one. They needed to sound like a bad boy, which made them sounds mumbling to me.


Tomu as Umeno Fuuka


The good thing was my seat was not far from the stage and Tomu mostly appeared and faced my side so I could see her beautiful face clearly from my seat. I mainly paid attention to Tomu whenever she appeared. This stage play mostly focuses on the battles between the groups which consists of ikemen (Although I watched this stage play for Tomu, I was also happy to see a lot of ikemen in front of me. Lol). Tomu’s name in this stage play is Umeno Fuuka. Tomu was involved in a love story with the main character. It was also my very first time to see Tomu had such an intimate contact with a man. Haha. But no, there is no “real” kissing scene :p


Tomu’s partner in the stage play


I am afraid I could not tell the whole story because I believe there must be a misinterpretation. It might be better to wait for the DVD released so you can understand the whole story and I will not spoil the ending.

But I would like to tell you that I cried in the middle of the stage play. It was not because of the story cause as I told you I only understood about 10% of it. I cried because I knew Tomu worked very hard for it in order to perform her best. While I was watching the stage play, I suddenly remembered Tomu’s acting skills in her early days on AKB variety shows, movie, drama, and the majisuka gakuen stage play. Her acting skills in her early days were extremely stiff. I could not stand watching it.

On Black 10-kai, her acting skills had improved a lot! I am very proud of her. I could not hold my tears because of this feeling. Her acting was natural, it was way different than Tomu I saw a few years ago. Her expressions fit in the plot. Not to mention she looks perfect in traditional outfit. Petite and beautiful Tomu in a traditional outfit is a plus point. I have been her fan for almost 4 years and following her improvement every single day. From a stiff Tomu to a natural Tomu. It is as if you are following the development of your baby, from crawling to walking. Lol. Sorry for not being able to give you a better analogy.

At the end of the stage play, all the casts expressed their thanks to the audiences. Tomu and the guy who is the main character were the last one. I could see the aura of AKB48 members from Tomu at the end. During the stage play, she tried to show the different side of her, “the actress Tomu” not “the Idol Tomu”. But when it came to the time of “omiokuri (send off)”, finally I could see the Idol side of Tomu who smiled as an idol and waved to her fans.

As I was walking to the station together with the other Tomu fans, we talked about the stage play. Most of them agreed that they were touched because of Tomu’s hard work. We all know how Tomu has developed up to this point.

This is my main reason why I become a fan of Tomu. I love the way she works hard for everything. I did not simply support her because she is beautiful and cute. I decided to support her because she is the one who teaches me to do my best for everything.

She caught my attention when I was watching Oshima Team K performances. I love Team K and my oshimen was there, Matsui Jurina. Tomu could barely dance and MC, as I mentioned, she was so stiff. As the time goes by, she has improved a lot in her dancing and MC. I started supporting her and at last, I first met her in 2015 when she gave me such a warm response on the handshake events. I shifted all my supports to her instantly

For me, Muto Tomu is not only an idol, she is my guru about hardworking.

She is also the one who connects me with my other Japanese friends who always welcome me whenever I visit Japan.

I will always support her and follow her journey.

It has always been a pleasure for me to follow every single of her development.


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