Experiencing Journo’s life as an Intern in HaloJepang

Final year in university has super small numbers of credit which I should take on. Because on the previous semesters I had taken a lot of credits, I only have to take 3 credits for this semester which is in equal with one course. Thus, I decided to take an internship program because I have bunch of free time in a week. I tried to apply to several companies and at last I was accepted in HaloJepang(Media about Japan and Indonesia relations in Bahasa Indonesia) which is in affiliation with Daily Jakarta Shimbun(The one and only media in Japanese language which is published in Jakarta). I knew about the internship program in HaloJepang from an alumnae in my organization called ISAFIS(Indonesian Student Association of International Studies).

I’ve been in love with journalism since I was in Junior High School, so I think this Internship program is a great thing to do and I had been learning a lot during the internship program in order to improve my writing skill.

It was a short internship program, about 40 days. I was assigned to fill the position in HaloJepang online. I worked on English-Bahasa Indonesia article translation and also went to several events to write reports.

I thought everything will be very easy for me because I’ve been reading a lot of English books and journals for my assignments in university and I’ve also had worked on numerous article. However, it wasn’t as easy as what I thought. Perhaps, it was quite hard at first to do as my boss ask for.

It wasn’t even a piece of cake.

I was working hard to revise article, even my translation because I couldn’t write proper composition of words. Translating isn’t easy, you have to make a good composition of words to deliver the messages properly without any misunderstanding. Revise, revise, revise! That’s the process of learning which I got on the internship program.

I still remember when I should work on the special edition of HaloJepang which were distributed on Japan Education Fair in Jakarta and Surabaya. I had to do 2 articles for the special editon. The first one is about the upcoming phenomenon of promoting “Study in Japan” to several high schools and the other one is about an Indonesian who went to Japan University and currently working in one of Japan Universities as an assistant professor.

It’s not really hard for me to get the sources for the report. I went to two high schools, including my high school in SMAN 8 Jakarta and for the other article, I was interviewing the informant by e-mail. However, it took me the whole week to revise the article. A single sentence could make you revise the whole paragraph. A misleading aim on your writing could make you revise more than one paragraph. It was a tough process of learning but a very good one. When the article was finally published, I was really happy to read the whole articles.

Satisfied. The pleasure of working hard to your fullest.

The other precious thing during my internship program was meeting a lot of new and important person. During my internship program, there was Jakarta Fashion Week 2015, I went to the event for article report. I met other journalist from prominent medias in Indonesia and they shared about their stories while working as a journalist and I also shared my stories about my internship in a Japanese media. On other occasion for the second special edition which I worked on, I got an opportunity to interview the President Director of a new Japanese Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia.

A precious time of meeting new people indeed.

On my last week of internship program, I worked really hard on the deadline for the special edition. I had to go to the office on weekend to finalize my article. A new experience of working during weekend. I learned a lot about life as a journalist who have to be ready anytime.

I didn’t get paid for my internship, however I realized that I learned a lot about writing good articles and also skills as a journalist. It was a greater payment rather than money itself.

And the more I work as a journalist, the more I realize that I’m really in love with the job as a journalist.


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