Japan: when 48 beyonds Idol, but New Friends

Besides JUEMUN, I decided to go to Japan because I really want to go to the place where my favorite idols “48 Groups” belong to. I actually won the ticket for 2 shot events which was scheduled on June 29th. I have 3 tickets which are 2 tickets for Kikuchi Ayaka and 1 ticket for Murashige Anna. I was really excited to go to the 2 shot event, especially to meet my favorite Ayarin(Kikuchi Ayaka) who had just graduated from AKB48. However, it couldn’t happened. The event was postponed until the time which I’m not sure when it will be. The event was postponed because of the slashing incident in which 3 people were injured, two of them are AKB48 members. I was extremely sad to know that I couldn’t attend the event and meet my favorite idol. However, I couldn’t do anything but to enjoy my entire trip in Japan. Thus, I tried my best to find out any 48 events which I could attend while I was in Japan. I couldn’t do anything if I didn’t meet such amazing friends of mine.


Before my arrival in Japan, I have known some of Japanese friends who are also 48 groups fans. I arranged my schedule to meet up with them, Komatsu Tomoyuki-san and Ooishi Naonori-san. I have met Tomoyuki-san when he was in Jakarta. He’s a big fan of Nakagawa Haruka who is now in JKT48. He went to Jakarta to give his best support to Haruka. I accompanied him with other friends when he was in Jakarta. I helped him to get a ticket for JKT48’s senbatsu sousenkyo. He was really happy to get the ticket even though I think it wasn’t a big help because it was really easy to get it. I just need to apply with my fan club card.


The other friend is Nao-san. He introduced himself as “Nao” because most of Indonesian will mistakenly understand his name as “Enak” or “Delicious” because his name is “Ooishi”. I haven’t met him before. We knew each other from twitter and instagram. I tried to say “hi” to him on twitter because I know that he’s also one of Nozawa Rena’s oshi. We talked a lot on twitter and also Line. I tried my best to chat to him with the help of translator. I could feel his warm through his messages, especially when I talked to him about my willingness to watch NMB48 concert. As I have mentioned before, I tried my best to find any 48 events which I could attend while I was in Japan. Later I found out that NMB48 will start its Summer Tour the day before I left Japan. I tried to find out on how to apply for the tickets. However, I couldn’t find any general applications which available for me. Then I found out that Mobile FanClub is the most appropriate application if I wanted to watch the concert. I told him that I really want to watch the concert but I don’t have membership of Mobile FC. Then, he offered on applying the ticket concerts for me and go together to the concert. I was really surprised for his kindness because we hadn’t met each other before and he offered such a big help for me. Without no doubt I said yes on his offer. As a gratitude, I brought some JKT48 and Rena’s goods for him from Indonesia. Few days later, he told me that we won the tickets and we could watch the first day of NMB48 Summer Tour which was held in NHK Hall Tokyo, it was Team N concert. We met for the very first time in front of AKB48 Café and Shop in Akihabara. He asked my friends and I to go to the AKB48 Café but instead we went to Saizeriya which is a family restaurant because I wanted to have proper meal for my breakfasting. We exchanged goods in Saizeriya, he gave me some 48 group stuffs, such as CDs and Photos. Before we met, he asked me my favorite members and gave me some photos of them. After dinner, he accompanied me to CD stores. He patiently helped me finding some CDs which my friends asked me to buy. He was a really nice person indeed! Later we arranged for another meeting on the day of the concert at Harajuku Station. However, I was really sorry for him because I couldn’t speak Japanese well. There were moment of silent between us because of language barrier.


Few days later, it’s the day when I met Tomoyuki-san. We met at Shinjuku after my friends dropped his bag at his hotel. We had a little chit-chat, of course with my limited Japanese skills and his limited Bahasa Indonesia skills. He gave me T-shirts of Matsui Jurina and some presents for my friends in Indonesia. In exchange, I gave him some presents which were JKT48 goods from Indonesia. Then he accompanied us to DonQ Shinjuku to buy some snacks for our friends in Indonesia. He was really curious why we bought bunch of Matcha KitKat. I tried to explain that my friends really love Matcha KitKat but in Indonesia they are really expensive. Then he decided to buy some for him.


Later, Tomoyuki-san chatted me on Line and offered me to apply on AKB48 Theater shows. He offered a general application with companion. He asked me for my birthday date and I agreed on the offers because it matched with my schedule. However, I didn’t expect to win because it’s really hard to get AKB48 Theater shows ticket. Surprisingly, the day before the show he chatted me on Line and told me that we won the ticket. I was really pleased to hear that and couldn’t hide my excitement because it was for my favorite team and setlist show. The day of the show I met him in front of AKB48 café and shop. To his surprise, I was with Wilmar whom also accompanied him when he was in Jakarta. We went together to the theater but Wilmar couldn’t go up to the theater because he had no ticket. After exchanging our confirmation with ticket, I accompanied Tomoyuki-san to buy lightstick downstairs then we went to Tully’s Coffee Shop to meet Wilmar. He was with Abun and also Nao-san. Abun arranged a meeting with Nao-san there. After a short chit-chat we arranged a dinner after the show with everyone.


The show starts at 14:00 and we had to be there before the time because there will be bingo to enter the venue. Before the show I took some pictures at theater lobby. The security system was really strict because of the incident. We should open up our light stick in order to avoid any dangerous stuff inside. We were really lucky on the bingo and we got the second row even though it was at the left corner. I could see some of the members clearly from my seat. I sang along through out the shows and was really amazed by the great dance move of members. Team K is my favorite team because they are unbeatable in dancing. I was also surprised that actually some of members are tinier than my imagination because mostly I watched them on screen. I was really happy to have some eye contacts with some of members, such as Kitahara Rie and Goto Moe. Goto Moe waved at me at the end of the show. Probably they noticed me because I was the only foreigner on the theater. I couldn’t stop smiling for the entire show. I was extremely happy. I found out that it was a give back for me from Tomoyuki-san because I helped him on getting JKT48’s ticket. I didn’t expect to get such a help because I helped him sincerely. After the show we wandered around Akihabara to see some of goods shops and then we had dinner(Wilmar, Abun, Me, Tomoyuki-san, Nao-san, and one more friend of Tomoyuki-san called Taido-san). Taido-san is a big fan of Mayuyu and Yukirin. We talked a lot during our dinner, even though with my limited Japanese skills. I could grab the main idea of their talks but it was really hard for me to reply. However the language barrier didn’t stop the enjoyment. It was such an amazing night with my friends!


The day before I left Japan, it was the time when Nao-san and me went to Team N Concert. We met in front of NHK Hall and then we lined up for entry. When we were in the queue, he said that there would be no Murashige. He knew that I love Murashige and I could see that he was a bit sorry for me. However I tried to convince him that it was okay because I didn’t mind anyone who appeared on the show, I just wanted to watch and enjoy the show. There was body check to strengthen the security system. After the ticket-check, we went to the goods shop because I wanted to buy a T-shirt. But the queue was really long and we decided to buy later after the show. I tried to talk more with him with Japanese mixed English. It was really fun to know that he actually tried to talk about Cindy Yuvia during his handshake session with Rena which made Rena a bit angry with him. LOL. The show was really late for about 30 minutes because of the body check. Then the show started and I could see the popular Yukirin, cool Sayanee, Beautiful Keicchi, and Cute Akarin. I’m not a big fan of NMB48 but I could say that I enjoyed the show, especially when I listened to some of my favorite songs such as Korogaru ishi ni nare, Nagichi, Kitagawa Kenji, Kamonegix, Zipper, Ibiza Girls, and Seishun no Lap Time. After the show I bought their concert T-shirt and then we went to Akihabara to meet Wilmar and Abun. At Akihabara we also met Nindra and Shiningojisan. Shiningojisan was also a fan of AKB48 few years ago and he was a big fan of Kaorin who was 2nd generation of AKB48. Because I was wearing Softbank Hawks green Jersey(Baseball team from Fukuoka where there’s also HKT48 whose song is Melon Juice), he called me Melon Juice for several times and it made us laugh out loud. Then shingojisan should go back home earlier because his home was quite far. After his leaving, we went to Sukiya to have our late dinner. We talked and laughed a lot. Before the last train leaving, we decided to go back. At the train station I waved good bye to everyone. Nao-san also said a good bye to me. I asked him to take some photos before leaving. We took a group photo with Wilmar and Abun. It was really sad to say good bye to such a nice friend as Nao-san. I hope some day we could meet again in Jakarta or Japan. If he goes to Jakarta I will surely help him for what he have done to me back in Japan.


NHK Hall



It was a really nice trip in Japan because I could meet such amazing friends.

I was blessed to meet Nao-san, Taido-san, and Tomoyuki-san.

I believe that language barrier isn’t a big deal for Friendship.

And I believe that 48 isn’t only about numbers or idols, but it’s about Friendship.  


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