Rena Nozawa: A Clueless Girl Who Messed Up My Whole Life


Rena Nozawa…..

She had changed my life ever since early 2012….

This cute, fun, adorable, and clueless girl had messed my life up…

How and Why?


I didn’t suppose that she turned my life into bad cycles.

I have to admit that she messed it up into a more wonderful life that I hadn’t expected before.

Because of Rena….

I could finally meet my amazing friends who make me enjoy my spare time during my hectic schedules at college and my organizations

Because of Rena…..

I could finally fell in love with JKT48


It was HelloFest 2012

It was the first time I saw JKT48 live performance and also I bought a pack of their photopack, therefore I could have one handshake ticket which allowed me to shake my hand with all of JKT48 members.

I didn’t expect that it turned out to change my whole life

I did enjoy they performance, however I should admit that it was not really special

But when it came to the handshake session, I finally shook my hands with Rena. I had known her before because I heard that she’s the only Japanese one in JKT48. I found out that she was cute and she caught my attention.

I admitted that during my first handshake session, the time when I shook my hands with Rena was the most memorable one. My first impression was that she was sincere, I could see it into her eyes. And yeah, she was extremely cute, and her voice was the most memorable one….

Without any further ado, I decided to buy AKB48xJKT48 collaboration concert ticket. The only reason was because I wanted to see Rena more and more and more. Since then, I finally became a huge fan of JKT48.


And now, she’s leaving.

The only reason why I love JKT48 at the very first time is now leaving Jakarta

She’s going back to her hometown in Japan.

I’ve been thinking that this time will come, the time when her father should go back to his work in Japan and Rena should leave JKT48. I tried to manage my own feelings if it comes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t

It was announced few days ago that Rena had to return to Japan and couldn’t perform regularly on JKT48. She didn’t announce that she’s graduating because in a sudden it was announced that Rena will hold a concurrent position on JKT48 Team J and AKB48. Yeah, it was unexpected and in a sudden without any further preparation towards my feelings. And she got her flight to Japan after the theater show. I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye or see her. Last time, I watched her performance during Ladies and Kids Show. I got first row, and my seat was right in front of her blocking. I could see her properly. But I didn’t know that probably it would be my last time watching her performance at the theater.


She’s leaving before I couldn’t give any memorable gifts to her

She’s leaving without giving me any opportunity to show my best support as her fan

She’s leaving when I have just decided and admit that I have a new oshimen and declare the what-so-called-“oshihen”

She’s leaving by making me more regretful when I remember that I didn’t give anything on her birthday except my unnecessary appearance on her birthday show


However, I should admit that it was incredibly announcement that she can join AKB48 at the same time

No one could expect more than this, because probably if she wasn’t being transferred or holding concurrent position, she should’ve graduated and we couldn’t see her appearance more often on TV

I’m sad, freaking sad and gloomy

But I’m happy that she can make it into AKB48

Congratulations Rena.

I hope that you’ll enjoy your future path in AKB48

I’ll miss your clueless MC during team J’s theater show.

I hope someday I could see your performance on AKB48 theater.

Thanks for every sweet memories.

Thanks for making my life more wonderful 🙂



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