After School


I would like to talk about After School. A Sexy, talented, and amazing girl group from KPop Industry. I’ve been in love with them since last year. It was really unexpected. To be honest, I was a big fan of SNSD(Girls Generation). But now, I’m a crazy Playgirlz(After School Fandom). Why could it be happen? I’ll explain it later on this short article.

First, Here is some short preview about After School.

After School is a South Korean girl group under the label of Pledis Entertainment. The group had their public debut alongside label mateSon Dam Bi in 2008 and on 17 January 2009 released the single, “AH!”. Later that year, Uee joined the group, and After School released their second single, “Diva“.

In fall 2009, Soyoung graduated from the group, which led to the addition of two members, Raina and Nana. The group then released “Because of You“, which reached #1. In March 2010, After School released their 4th single, “Bang!” with the addition of 8th member, Lizzy. A new member called “E-Young” (Real name: Noh Li Young) was added to the line-up and performed on December 31, 2010.

The current band consists of Park Kahi, Kim Jung Ah, Lee Jooyeon, Bekah, Uee, Raina, Nana, Lizzy and E-Young.

cr: wikipedia

At first, I thought that Kpop is such a sudden phenomenone which could dissapear in anytime. I don’t like Kpop at all. But I can’t handle it when most of my classmates were really crazy of KPop. They shared KPop things everytime in the class. I could hear their conversations all over the time. It dragged me to make a search on the internet about KPop. The first thing I searched was SNSD. I googled SNSD, articles which were talking about them and of course the videos on youtube(MV and Variety Shows). I have to be honest that I love KPop because of them. But suddenly my Brother downloaded an MV of After School, it was “Bang!”. He showed it to me and It was really interested indeed. I thought I wouldn’t be their fans. It would be a short-term interest. Guess what? Now, it’s a never ending interest!

I’m really in love with After School because they’re really beautiful and amazing girls! I’ll show you how beautiful they’re.

Kahi(The Leader of After School)

















You can see that! They’re really beautiful!

They’re not only beautiful, they’re also amazing and talented girls! You can see how charismatic they’re through their performances and of course their vocals. They make really big movements for KPop industry. They show something which was really unexpected. They debuted with a sexy concept with a song called “Ah!”. It was really fresh and sexy. Everyone called them as the Korean Pussycat Dolls. They continued their promotion with “Diva!” and also added a new member U-ie. They’re the first Korean Girl Group with “admission-graduation” concept. As they called it “School”. They can’t get enough with the sexy concept. They came back with a big hit! “Because of You” was a really big hit in Korea. They won a lot of awards. In this comeback mini album, Soyoung left After School as she wanted to focus on acting. Raina and Nana became the “new students” of After School. It was a mature concept, the song is really touchy indeed. They’re really creative and amazing, they tried everything new which was not easy for everyone to get into the rhythm. Wait, the rhythm? Yes, they came back again with “Bang!”. The drum line concept was the idea of Kahi. She watched a movie which inspired her. They showed to everyone that they could play the drum really well. Eventhough, they had gone through really hard time because their fingers were hurt and also bleed. Before they made another amazing came back, they appeared on public with Happy Pledis, a charity single with the chrismast atmosphere. they’re not giving up till now to show their amazing talents. They made a big sensation with the Tap Dance and a fresh song called “Shampoo”. They made a lot of people amazed with their talent. Tap dance isn’t an easy thing. They’ve been practicing since November.

Here’s the clip of their tap dance and new song

They also added a new member, E-young. She’s a music genius! She can play a lot of instruments, such as Piano, Electric guitar, Drum, Cello, etc. Most people say that she can play about 7 instruments. She’s the real music prodigy. Pledis know how to add talented girls into the group. From U-ie to E-young, all of them are amazing. The original members are also amazing. You can check one of the video of E-young when she played the drum here:

I’ve been in love with After School since last year. I know that it will last forever. I can’t handle it anymore. They’re too awesome! All of them are my favourites. But Jungah is the most Favourite! She’s got husky voice which is really beautiful. She also got good personality. Eventhough I haven’t met her in person, I knew it from the videos I watched and After School members also said that she’s a really nice person and got the best personality. I can’t say more about her. She’s too amazing to be true. I hope I can meet her in person someday.

Besides Jungah, Nana and E-young are also my most favourites. Nana is really witty, I watched Playgirlz School, a variety show of After School, I couldn’t stop laughing while watching her on that show. She’s also stunning. Everytime I see her pictures, the words come out from my mouth is a “Wow!”. She’s the real super model. E-young? She’s the newest member. She hasn’t showed much of her personality. However, Pledis uploaded bunch of videos of her talents in music. I believe that she’s really great indeed. Someone who can master a lot of instruments much have been learning very hard and never give up. She can be a role model for everyone. I also love her cute appearance, she’s the youngest also, one month younger than Lizzy. She looks really cute when she’s singing, dancing, and of course in a daily normal life. 🙂

After School is quite underrated girl group in Korea. They haven’t won many awards since “Because of You” time, BOY is the biggest success. However, they never give up to show their talents. Drum line and Tap dance show that they could beat the other groups with their amazing skills. They want to show something new to their fans, they never want to dissapoint their fans. They’re friendly and love their fans so much. I believe that someday they can make it to the top and beat the other groups. Hopefully more people will praise them like a lot. They’re the real talent who are really worth it. Maybe, they didn’t get awards, but they had won their fans heart since the very beginning. Love from the fans is the real awards that they got.

They’ll debut in Japan on the next August. Now, they got the most coverage among the other groups from the media. I believe that they’ll be such a big hit in Japan and can show it that they’re really worth it to be missed. So please pay attention to After School! Watchout, they won’t let you go if you get in love with them!



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